9 Different Types of Cameras Explained

Different Types of Cameras
Different types of cameras are DSLR, Mirrorless, Point, and Shoot, Bridge Cameras, etc.
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As we know there are many different types of cameras available in the market, we can choose the right camera by their features.

Today I will give you an idea about different camera types. So Let’s Get Started!


Canon DSLR Camera EOS 850D
Canon DSLR Camera

Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera or DSLR is a very popular camera type in the market. Almost every professional photographer uses a DSLR camera.

A DSLR camera is a combination of a digital imaging sensor and a single-lens camera.

DSLR comes with a detachable lens. You can change the lens by your photography type.

You can use a wide-angle lens for landscape photography and a telephoto lens for wildlife photography.

Nowadays DSLR is very popular because you can click photos in RAW format and record 4K videos.

Canon and Nikon are the two big manufacturers of DSLR, offer crop and full-frame DSLR cameras.

2. Mirrorless Cameras

Sony Alpha 7R III Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera
Sony Mirrorless Camera

If you remove the optical viewfinder from DSLR cameras you will get Mirrorless cameras. Cameras are now very lightweight because of this reason.

You can see the image directly reflect on the sensor from a Mirrorless camera because of excluding the optical viewfinder.

Mirrorless cameras also have full and crop-frame bodies. Sony’s A7 R Mark III is a perfect Mirrorless camera at this time.

Just like DSLR, Mirrorless cameras also have detachable lenses. But only a few lens options are available for Mirrorless because it is a new technology.

Although you can use DSLR lenses in a Mirrorless camera by using an adopter. And you can also click photos in RAW format and 4K videos with a Mirrorless camera.

3. Point and Shoot Cameras

Sony Zeiss Point and Shoot Camera
Sony Zeiss Point and Shoot Camera

These are basic cameras not having many features. Point & Shoot camera is best for those who want to click family photos during the vacation.

Point and Shoot cameras have a fixed lens for that reason you will not get a telephoto range. You can click photos maximum in JPEG format with these cameras.

But the main benefit of Point and Shoot cameras is they are very compact means smaller in size and easy to carry.

The price of a Point and Shoot camera is very low as compared to DSLR and Mirrorless camera.

4. Bridge Cameras

Panasonic Lumix Bridge Camera
Panasonic Lumix Bridge Camera

As you can understand by the name, Bridge cameras are a combination of DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.

You will get a basic manual option and look like DSLR and just like Point and Shoot cameras lens is fixed in Bridge cameras.

Many Bridge cameras offer a telephoto focal range for that reason you can capture a subject so far very easily.

Bridge cameras are a very good option for wildlife and sports photography if your budget is low. Because you can click photos in RAW format with these cameras.

5. Medium Format Cameras

Fujifilm Medium Format Camera
Fujifilm Medium Format Camera

In the past 120 MM films are used in the Medium Format cameras but DSLR replace their position. At this time Fujifilm and Pentax are manufacturing these cameras.

So if you want to click extreme high-quality images then you can buy this camera. Many professional photographers use this camera. But Bridge cameras are very expensive and bulky as compared to the DSLR.

6. Instant Cameras

Fujifilm Instant Mini 9 Instant Camera
Instant Mini 9 Instant Camera

As you can say by the name of the camera. You can print photos directly from Instant Cameras.

Instant cameras are first introduced by Polaroid Corporation. So these cameras are also known as Polaroid Camera.

7. Digital Cine Cameras

Sony Digital Cine Camera
Sony Digital Cine Camera

Digital Cine Cameras are high-end cameras. These cameras are mostly used in the film industry. These cameras also offer interchangeable lens.

The main purpose of these cameras is video recording. These cameras offer 4K Video or better resolution.

Popular cameras are Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro 4.6K (G2), Sony PXW-FS5M2, Red – Digital Cinema Komodo 6K, Canon EOS C300 Mark III.

8. Action Cameras


Action Cameras are very popular for their small sizes. These cameras can be mount in any place.

You can use Action cameras for photography, video shoot, time-lapse, or slow motion. You can shoot underwater very easily with help of camera housing.

GoPro and SJ Cam are the popular manufacturer of Action Cameras.

9. 360 Degree Cameras

Insta360 One X. 360 Degree Camera
Insta360 One X

Nowadays 360 Degree Cameras are very popular. In a single click you can take 360 photos and videos with the help of 360 Degree Cameras.

Popular 360 Degree Cameras are GoPro Fusion, Insta360 One X, Insta360 One X2, and Ricoh Theta V.



So, now you know about different types of cameras. I hope you have learned something today.

Thank you. ❤

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